Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello from Utah!

Well, my BFF and I made it to Utah yesterday after a 12 hour drive from Denver. The drive was pretty uneventful and did not seem like 12 hours at all. Maybe that is because we were able to sit and chat with no kids or husbands interrupting us. Today we are taking it easy. Just saw Eclipse and LOVED it! Now we are at a book store using free Wi-fi to connect back to the world and enjoying yummy coffee. Plus when it is over 100 degrees you want to be inside where there is air conditioning. Tomorrow will be another fun filled day of driving as we have decided to take a spur of the moment trip to California to go to Disneyland for the day! Should be LOTS of fun!! I so can't wait. My hubby and kids will be mad when I get home and they find out what we did.

Signing off for today. Got to go check my facebook page.

Happy Scrappin'

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