Monday, September 17, 2007

Back From Weekend Crop

So sorry I have not posted in awhile, I was packing and then gone for a weekend crop in Winter Park. I had a wonderful time and was able to get 10 pages done. I know it does not sound like a lot but I did not start packing until Thursday afternoon and then finished Friday at 1 pm. I was totally unprepared so I think 10 pages was pretty good.

I bet you were hoping to see some of my pages? Well, I was planing on posting those but I left my album and all the pages I did for that album in my friends truck. So you will have to wait until I get my album back. She is about 45 minutes away from me so we have to plan a time to meet up. For now here are are few pictures from the crop.

Top: Fall Colors

Middle: Me and my friend Laura acting like Pirates. (this was a Pirate theme crop)

Bottom: Our hotel - The Vintage at Winter Park

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