Friday, December 14, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!

I was tagged by a new blogger friend of mine Korin.

Now to think of 7 things to tell about me.

1.) My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love to deck out my house all scary but not to scary for the kids in the neighborhood. Although this year I was told by one lady my house was to scary for her little girl. I guess that means I did a good job. I hope to have an elaborate graveyard seen in my front yard one year.

2.) I am a Step Mom to my 2 older children but to them I am their Mom. (I'm a Mom of 4 beautiful children)

3.) I love to buy gifts at Christmas time for the kids. It is one of the highlights of Christmas time for me. A close second is watching them rip them open and their eyes light up with delight.

4.) I HATE to cook but I do a pretty good job at it.

5.) Before I became a Mom I was a Travel Agent. That was a fun job! I Loved traveling to places for very little $$. While I was a Travel Agent I visited, Mexico City, Tampa, Cancun and Cruised the Caribbean. I would love to get back into the Travel business again when all the kids are in school.

6.) A dream of mine is to open up a Scrapbook store with my good friend, Laura. She knows all the business in's and out's and I just love to shop for product!!

7.) I love to watch Harry Potter movies over and over again.

Now to tag some others:

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