Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Colorado Springs Trip

Over spring break my husband and I took the kids to Colorado Springs for a few days. We stayed in a little cottage at a Motel that was not to bad for the price we payed. The best part of the Motel was the swimming pool. It was the warmest indoor pool I have ever been in. We swam twice on the first night then another 2 hours the second day. Needless to say we got our moneys worth out of the pool. We left for Colorado Springs on Friday and stayed until Sunday. On Friday we just swam, ate dinner and swam again. Then Saturday we spent most of the day that the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. If you ever take a trip to Colorado Springs be sure to visit the Zoo their. For 6 of us with coupon of $2 off per person it only came to $36. I was shocked at how cheep it was for a family of 6. The Denver Zoo is so much more. Now the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is on a mountain so it is not as big as the Denver Zoo but I think it is more entertaining and a lot of walking. The first exhibit we visited was the Giraffes. You get to purchase biscuits to feed the giraffes with. The kids loved this!! For the little ones they have a small train they can ride for a $1. They also have a playground for the kids that is included with the admission. At certain times during the day they have a small petting zoo. In the Bird and Reptile house you can feed birds while they fly around you. Ashleigh had one land on her stick.

After a full day at the zoo we headed to a restaurant call Solo's. This was the coolest restaurant I have ever been in! There is an actual airplane that goes right through the restaurant. Since we arrived before the dinner crowd we were able to sit in the plan and eat. The food was good and reasonably priced. After dinner we were able to go in the cockpit of the plan. We also went outside look at the plane. My husband is a real aviator nut so this was the coolest thing for him.

On the last day it was a little chilly outside so we headed to Bigg City. This is an indoor family fun center. The kids played lazer tag, games, put put, jumped on some inflatables and wore themselves out.

We had a great time and now I am ready to print out all the pictures I took and start to scrapbook. We will see if I can get some done and post them on my blog.

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