Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm Packed!!

Well, I did it!! I finally finished packing for my weekend scrapbook retreat. I am heading to Winter Park, CO with a good friend for 3 days of scrapbooking. The picture shows all the stuff (minus the vacuum) I'm bringing. This dose not show all the stuff my friend is bringing. Now we just have to fit everything into her van and we are out of here tomorrow. I can't wait!!


Tanya Humes said...

Have fun--i just did a crop a little while ago & you did good packing! I always take too much, but i'd rather be safe than sorry! Happy scrappin! Tanya in Delaware.

Darlene said...

Holy Cow girlfriend! If I didn't know for sure you had tons more stuff, I would think you were taking everything!!
I hope you had an outstanding time!!

Elisha said...

I'm back and I had a great time!! I brought WAY to much, as I always do, but you never know what you might need. I will be posting some pictures of pages I did while in Winter Park.


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