Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My First Blog Candy!!!

I have decided that it is now time to give away some blog candy!! Our stimulus check will be here soon and I get to redo my scrap room! I have cleared out about half of my scrap room and I am getting reedy for a garage sale next week. What I need is some advise on what has worked in your scrapbook room. Please post any ideas on organizing your scrapbook room and you could be randomly selected in my blog candy giveaway!!!

You may enter your comments until July 9th. I will then randomly select a winner on July 10th. The winner will receive the Close To My Heart My Creations Circle Album!

Please make sure you log into blogger or leave an e-mail address. Otherwise I will not be able to contact you if you are a winner.


rachel said...

Hi!!! I would love to win your giveaway!! So, please enter me.Cheers!

Regina said...

I love storing my ribbons and flowers in little bottles and my eyelets and brad in little clear boxes. I have many big clear boxes in different size for the storage of stamps and accessories, all my cuttlebug accessories, dies and folders, papers and.......
Great prize you are giving away. Thanks for the chance.

Shelley Moore said...

My best advise is to figure out HOW you scrap and what motivates you BEFORE you decide on how to organize things. Are you overwhelmed by having everything visible to you, or is it better for you to be able to see what you have easily? It is a HUGE help - totally helped me to take the class at BPS! (by the way, if I win, please donate my prize back to the pool, cause I am moving, and LORD I don't think I could fit another thing in the Uhaul, LOL)

sandyh50 said...

I finally had to break down and buy some office supply drawers for my cardstock and sorted them according to the color families. I put up a cafe rod between my bookcase that are on top of other bookcases to spool my ribbon through. Then I have an old mailbox that I had used at school for students that I had made, and now use it with little baskets for odds and end. My best advise is to find a place for everything and put it back in its place when you are don. Great blog candy. I added you to my Google REader.

sandyh502001 at yahoo dot com

Christi said...

I have to scrap out of a closet so my storage might be different from some but one of the things that I got that has saved a lot of time is a stamp pad holder that can hang on the wall. I can quickly grab whichever color I need and then there is space on top to store my Stickles and other miscallenous bottles. HTH and congrats on all the hits!! :)

Georgetta Cox said...

I have my scrap/craft area set up in the downstairs shower stall. I have ribbon hung on rods and I also have a shelf that I think was for baseball hats that I put dowl rods through and hung on the wall.

Also stickers and light weight items can be hung on a curtain rod or a wooden dowl.

Store stickers or whatever in ziploc bags, plastic envelopes or whatever works for you.

Hang rod and put the curtain clips on it wiht the clip hanging down.

Just clip the bag on the curtain clip and the are in easy reach out of the way and see through.

I saw on a blog somewhere instead of the curtain clips you can use a clothes pin and a washer with a paper clip. You would have to look the directions up for that one.

Sorry its so long. If I babbled and you can't understand what I was trying to say I can explain further.

My email is

Thank you,
Georgetta Cox

Huntress said...

1. Remove stuff out of their original packaging (takes up TONS of room!)

2) Containerize when possible.


Best of luck with your new room - I am in the process of reorganizing mine right now! :-)

Anonymous said...

I've found that keeping everything within eyesite and in clear storage containers makes things easier. I find that what I don't see I don't really use.

Georgie Girl said...

I like having my supplies at hand when I scrap. I basically do card making, so I have a lot of embellishments. I find that a U shape area with a chair on wheels helps me swivel to get to what I want quickly. Also lighting is very important. I scrap most times at night (at least until I retire) so I have track lighting that can be directed where I need it. Hope that helps!
Georgette Sahm


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