Friday, August 15, 2008

NEW Scrapbook Room Pictures!!

OK, you have asked for it and here they are!! Pictures of my newly re-done scrapbook room!! I still have not finished putting everything away but this will show you what I have done to my room so far. I hope you like it and welcome your comments!!


Jannie Sue "Funster" said...

Forgive me for being jealous but, that space is absolutely, very, very, very, very EXTRA gorgeous! I wish me there in my mind (me who has been living in a remodel for 14 which is still not quite done. Sorry, should give a little cheese with that whine.)

I am totally putting your blog in my favorites. Anyone who can do up a room as beautiful - and functional - like that, is my new pal.

Jannie in Texas,
who hopes to be among the ones heaven's waiting for. (My newest song lyric.)

Anonymous said...

Your room is yummy!!! Sweet just like you. You have toatlly inspired me!

Marsell said...

Beautiful! Love your color scheme! How great to have a whole room to yourself! Have loads of fun!!

candy said...

i love the chocolate walls and the white furniture! beautiful design!!


ScrapBooking Room said...

Wow very well organized and beautiful scrap book room


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